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Orthotic Footwear – Footbeds/Inserts and Flips/Thongs

Selecting the right footwear can make a huge impact on your wellbeing.

Red Active Medium Footbeds/Inserts all sizes from M3/W5 to M16


Grey Active Thin Footbeds/Inserts all sizes from M3/W5 to M16


Black Softec Ultra Footbeds/Inserts M3, M4, M15, M16, M17


Brown Thin Casual Footbeds/Inserts M11 to M14


Men’s & Women’s Sport & Cork Flips/Thongs Limited sizes & colours

$114.95 – $129.95

Self-Heating Hot and Cold Packs

Super Family Pack


Family Pack


Neck and Shoulder Heat Pack


Back Heat Pack


Ceramic Stone Back Belt


Sports Pack


Ceramic Stone Sports Belt


Small Heat Pack


Acupressure Foot Mats


Hot and Cold Packs

Treat muscle pain and relieve other symptoms with our range of hot and cold packs!